How Innovative Is Your Business?


Innovation is the development and application of ideas that improve the way you do things and what you achieve. Everyone can innovate. Incorporating innovation in your business can help you save time and money, and give you the competitive advantage to grow and adapt your business in the marketplace.

Innovation isn’t just about ad-hoc ideas and one-off improvements. You can foster an innovative culture in your business to encourage a continuous flow of fresh ideas. Regardless of how you choose to generate new ideas for your business, it is important to be organised and to have effective ways to capture and develop them.

So, how innovative is your business?

Before you can improve, you need to know where you stand. Microsoft Australia has constructed the SME Innovation Indicator. This assessment will help you to identify your current innovation standing, and how your business performs on key cultural attributes. It then gives you some practical strategies to help ensure your business is one that fosters innovation.

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