Enthusiastic and Capable Problem Solving Skills


A friend dropped a line, causing one of those stop-and-take-stock moments.

In essence he said “you IT guys can have trouble connecting with real people and real problems … in the end all systems are made up of data, and that sounds as boring as bat poop” (well, I’m translating a little!)

Absolutely right! We regularly struggle with a clear message. We know what we do! But if you ask, 5 seconds later we have slipped into tech talk. We jump ahead, imagining the end result or product, almost forgetting that THAT is simply the answer to our enthusiastic and capable problem solving skills.

So what do we do? If I start to answer, you’ll get tech speak, so instead, let me use his words:

We are solution providers. Real world problem solvers. We sort out the “I wish we could make this job easier and simpler” and “I wish there was a computer program that could do this” problems.

Our strength is the ability to look at anything and brainstorm a more efficient way of doing it; the technology and skill set is just our tool belt.

Phrases like ‘custom software system’ can sound scary and expensive! What we actually do is work with you to find an easier way, helping you to get your job done – in a cleaner, simpler, smarter, cheaper and more productive way.

Have you got a problem? Then we can take a look and find a solution.

So hats off to good friends who call it as it is!  Time to sharpen the pencil, review the entire website and cull the IT geek speak.  Watch this space!

About Neil Brown & Proven Innovation

Neil owns Proven Innovation, developing custom software systems, web and mobile technologies to equip organisations to do business more effectively. Neil's role includes building niche and highly customised systems where there isn't a solution available off the shelf. Proven Innovation specialises in the latest generation of web application development. To explore new technology possibilities please contact us.

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