So, What Is Innovation?

Does innovation even matter?  Well, yes.  According to new research 91% of businesses rate innovation as important or critically important.  In fact there are scores of books about it and plenty of consultants earning a living from it.  So what exactly is it? Innovation is not one thing; it’s a spectrum of ideas. It can[…]


Top 5 Must Have Productivity Apps

  Life is busy right? So anything that helps give an edge, an advantage, must be good. Especially if it’s free! Here’s a list of the best of the best, along with tips and pointers on making great use of them. These are the most basic of tools, utilities and online apps, yet are so[…]


Are you an “Infrapreneur”?

How to gain business advantage through custom development. Using readily available cloud based services or off the shelf hardware, as the base ingredients, then applying an innovative software solution to the mix can be the ingenious cost effective way to bake up a real business advantage. Navin Chaddha, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, wrote about[…]


How Innovative Is Your Business?

Innovation is the development and application of ideas that improve the way you do things and what you achieve. Everyone can innovate. Incorporating innovation in your business can help you save time and money, and give you the competitive advantage to grow and adapt your business in the marketplace. Innovation isn’t just about ad-hoc ideas[…]


Products and Technologies

At Proven Innovation, our focus is to find the right IT solution for you. To do that, we use the latest products and technologies and combine these with our professional experience, skills and competencies. Using the right tools for the job means that we can tailor the perfect solution for your business. About Neil Brown[…]


Moodle Hosting

Due to client demand, Proven Innovation has established Hosted Moodle, a stable, reliable, cloud-based, Moodle hosting service. Essentially, you get Moodle while we handle the hosting. We take care of servers, operating systems, security, databases, backups and upgrades so you don’t have to. A “Moodle Instance”, or plan, includes a fresh Moodle install, uniquely for[…]