Are you an “Infrapreneur”?


How to gain business advantage through custom development.

Using readily available cloud based services or off the shelf hardware, as the base ingredients, then applying an innovative software solution to the mix can be the ingenious cost effective way to bake up a real business advantage.

Navin Chaddha, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, wrote about infrapreneurs for TechCrunch recently:

Leaders need to be focused on pairing innovative software with commodity off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. They are, in essence, software “infrapreneurs”.

He goes on to describe these leaders as “passionate about design, conscious of the power of community, willing to sacrifice tradition” resulting in “more flexible technology, easier to use, based on open technologies, and cheaper to use”.

StartingBloc, a fellowship for emerging leaders interested in driving social impact across sectors, describes its Fellows, in part, as infrapreneurs who want to improve an existing system.

Laura Tomasko mentions this on Unsectored, concluding “We want to create change by developing and connecting systems, or strengthening the plumbing that makes it all work. And from this, ‘infrapreneur’ was born.”

Business leaders are already experts in how their business works. The early realisation that off-the-shelf software packages just don’t cut it when looking for that unique advantage to push out ahead of the pack, is a big step forward in achieving their business outcomes.

A custom software development can tailor a software solution to meet specific requirements and position businesses to reap the rewards of reduced costs, increased productivity and higher profitability.

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Neil owns Proven Innovation, developing custom software systems, web and mobile technologies to equip organisations to do business more effectively. Neil's role includes building niche and highly customised systems where there isn't a solution available off the shelf. Proven Innovation specialises in the latest generation of web application development. To explore new technology possibilities please contact us.

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